Advantages of Natural Cedar Fencing

Creating a happy, healthy home environment for your family and pets extends to choosing natural landscaping products that do not contain pesticides or other chemicals that have the potential to contaminate your property. 

Cedar is the natural choice for homeowners seeking organic and eco-friendly options for wood fencing and other outdoor structures. As the largest supplier of cedar fence in southeast Massachusetts, AVO can get provide the beauty of wood fence that you want, without any of the chemical-treatment. Homeowners and fence installers from Nantucket to Needham love AVO’s natural, sustainable cedar lumber and cedar fence products!

Why Cedar Is Best for Fencing?

  • Durability: Cedar wood endures our northern climate much better than other species, with natural resistance to insects, mold, and rot.
  • Stability: Cedar wood’s superior stability means minimal shrinkage, twisting, and warping compared with other wood fencing choices.
  • Eco-friendly: Natural oils repel insects so cedar wood fencing does not require any toxic chemical treatment to prevent insect damage.
  • Low-Maintenance & Natural Beauty: While other woods should be painted or stained to be preserved, cedar can be left to weather to a beautiful natural hue (a silky, silver gray) – making it the only decorative wood fencing choice that’s virtually maintenance free.

Why Cedar Improves Gardens & Backyards

You may be surprised how versatile and beautiful cedar wood fencing, gates and outdoor structures can be. AVO’s cedar lumber can be customized to suit the preferred style and size of your specific project.

Our cedar lumber is an environmentally-friendly choice suitable for organic gardening, raised beds, cedar-lined compost bins, outdoor showers, beehives and any backyard project that requires durable, untreated wood.

Let Cedar Shine in Your Next Project

For the health of your family and yard, let cedar shine in your next project. Whether you are considering a yard or garden fence, raised bed, or outdoor shower, you can be confident in knowing that cedar is the most environmentally sound choice that not only aligns with your values, but will last for many years.

Contact AVO and get started with sustainable cedar today!

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