AVO “Measure My Yard” Calculator Makes Getting a Quote Quick & Easy

AVO’s unique Measure My Yard Calculator takes the guesswork out of estimating how much fencing your property needs. No longer will you have to guess or go through the tedious and error prone process of measuring your property’s perimeter yourself. Within minutes, and from anywhere in the world, you can get a rough estimate of the linear feet you will need, perfect for getting an initial estimate when you submit our Request a Quote form. And don’t worry, we can refer you to one of our approved fence installers who will come out to get an exact measurement for your yard.

Simple and easy to use, the calculator is a handy online tool that can be used when submitting a Request for Quote for products in our online catalog. When you include the linear feet of fencing that you need in your request, it helps us get your quote to you that much faster. Keep reading to learn more about the new tool that is helping our customers get quick and easy quotes for the beautiful borders they love. 

3 Simple Steps to Measure

The Measure My Yard Calculator is synced with Google maps, making it easy to measure any address in the world from your phone or computer. From a computer for example, simply enter your address into the box  at the top of the map, then zoom in to get a clear aerial view of the area you’d like to fence. Start by right clicking at the desired starting point, and then repeat that action on all corners to extend your lines. Once you click again on the starting point, it will close-out the measurement and supply the approximate number of linear feet you need to fence your yard. If you need to start over you simply right-click to select “clear measurement” for a clean slate. It’s that easy.

Submitting a Request for Quote

In the past, customers who wanted to submit a request for quote might “guesstimate” their property perimeter or go through the significant effort to manually measure it themselves. The Measure My Yard Calculator, while still an approximate measurement, is likely to be more accurate and less work than those two techniques. Generating a quote begins when you select a product from the catalog, apply any options (if applicable), and generate your request. On the ‘Review Your Quote’ page you will have the opportunity to complete a form that includes your property perimeter estimate. We’ll use this, along with the other information, to turn your quote around asap! If you need additional help submitting a request, check out our Request for Quote Help page.

Get started today with our new Measure My Yard Calculator, the smarter solution for quicker quotes and beautiful borders.

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