Fence Boosts Beauty & Property Value

Many home- and business owners see a fence for its utility-- a structure that will surround a pool, garden, or backyard for added security and privacy. 

But what about your fence’s ROI? After all, it is an enhancement to the property that (if you choose well) should last for many years to come. The variety of materials and styles available today give property owners an opportunity to invest in an enhancement that could one day be a major selling point if they choose to one day sell.

Tony Thornton, Executive Director of the American Fence Association says: “It’s an enhancement. Just like a deck or a backyard pergola, it’s going to increase the value of the home. And if you’ve got a home sitting side by side and they’re identical in square footage but one has an enhancement, you’re going to get more for it.”

Vinyl, cedar, and ornamental fencing all offer a distinct look and feel. Vinyl fence is prized for its durability and low-maintenance, along with a large variety of colors and finishes. Cedar wood fence offers a classic, natural look that can compliment any home or business property. Ornamental steel and aluminum fence are particularly attractive with custom, decorative elements such as scrollwork and circles.

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When selecting the material and style for your project, don’t overlook the details that can take your fence from ordinary to eye-catching. AVO offers customized caps, toppers, and more. Not only will you love the look of your fence, but potential buyers will too.

Just remember, in order for a fence to increase a home’s value it must be in compliance with homeowners’ association, city or county regulations. It’s best to check with the governing agency before getting started on your project.

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