Green Industry Stories: Edward H May Fence Contractors

This is the third installment of "Green Industry Stories", a monthly series featuring the work and stories of green industry insiders.

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Building Blocks to Success

Ed May knows fence. After 25 years of working for various contracting outfits Ed decided to go out on a limb and start his own fence contracting business. Since 2002, Edward H May Contractors has grown to 4 full-time employees and 2-4 seasonal employees. Ed continues to work as a hands-on installer, working in the field alongside his employees. Based in Middleborough, MA, Ed and his team work on fence installation and landscaping throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

Getting Down to Business

General contractors have to learn how to juggle. Depending on the job, client, and different company policies, contractual obligations can vary widely. What looks good on paper doesn’t always reflect variables in the field. Ed knows firsthand how challenging it can be to balance materials, transportation, and labor costs against billing and payments. While it certainly isn’t his favorite part of the gig, Ed knows that persistence pays off and he makes sure his team’s quality work always speaks for itself.

Fostering Business Relationships that Give Back

Edward H May Contractors has been an approved contractor with AVO for the last decade. Ed says: “AVO is my favorite supplier. Not only are they convenient to my location, they supply the majority of fence styles that we use most often.” Ed believes that his company has benefited greatly from building a strong business relationship with AVO as their primary fence manufacturer: “They are easy to communicate with and are careful to get the orders correct. They have quality materials and I find the costs competitive and sometimes better than other suppliers.”

Favorite Fence

Ed and his team install all types of fences, from cedar and vinyl to chain link, aluminum, and guard rails. While Ed enjoys that variety that comes from day to day on the job he’s a fan of a good old fashioned stockade job. The fitted, vertical wood boards with pointed tops always stand out, providing a clean, classic fence for any setting.

Edward H May Fence Contractors
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