Green Industry Stories: Greg's Fence

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Fencing Runs in the Family

For Greg Forbes, fence installation was the family trade. He began by working summers with his father’s company and went full time in 1979. Although he says he didn’t initially embrace the work when it was just a summer job, he came to enjoy it more as he took on greater responsibilities and customer relations. Today he is both owner and primary contractor of Greg’s Fence, based in Randolph, MA.

Happy Customers, Quality Fence

With over 40 years experience, Greg gets most of his business through word of mouth. After watching his father sell and market the company’s fence installation services for many years, he felt confident he could also build strong customer relationships. One of the value adds he provides for his customers is educating them on the quality of materials. While many customers are attracted to the low cost of fence materials found at big box stores, he knows that they will get a better return on their investment if they spend a little more upfront on high-quality materials that will last much longer -- especially through New England winters!

AVO - A Partner Who Knows Fence

Greg’s Fence has enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with AVO Fence & Supply, providing South Shore residents with high-quality fence and a variety of choice. Greg likes AVO because the employees know their fence and do a great job at processing orders. The quality of the materials and great prices keep him coming back for what he says is a “good experience all around.”

Breaking Into the Fence Business

For those interested in breaking into the business, Greg recommends working for an established fencing company for a few years before venturing out on your own. There’s a lot to learn beyond the technical, physical labor of installing fence, and a seasoned professional can teach you a lot about managing customers, vendors, and business strategy. Greg was lucky -- he didn’t need to look far -- his father was a willing mentor in all things fence!

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