Landscaping Ideas To Increase Your Property Value Today

Landscaping improvements are proven to increase property value, and for that reason, we think this article from ElectroSaw is worth sharing. 

It offers practical landscaping advice and details how several studies have illustrated just how hardscapes and quality landscaping elements contribute to a home's market value.

One collection of those studies, from the Virginia Cooperative Extension of Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, highlights findings from all over the U.S. - and while each of the studies were unique, they all concluded the same thing:  a well-designed home landscape increases your home's value. And a well-designed landscape often includes quality fences, arbors and pergolas - all of which add not only aesthetic appeal, they also add to your enjoyment of your yard and really, expand the use you can get out of your entire property.

Design Sophistication was the aspect noted in a study published in the Journal of Environmental Horticulture. The moral of the story: when you're planning to improve your yard, do it right.

Big box stores sell yard decorations and fencing supplies, but they don't custom-design fences that fit your yard. That's what we do. At AVO, our fence consultants help homeowners get the fence (and design elements) to fit their yards.

AVO also serves commercial property owners, from retail stores and office building developments  to Homeowners & Condo Associations.  Shop our catalog for ideas, or stop in the location nearest to your home or business to discuss your plans.



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