3 Reasons to Start Planning a Fence Project in the Fall or Winter

Want to Get a Perfect Fence by Springtime? Take Advantage of Slow Season Now!

When it comes to getting a fence for your yard, planning is key. If your to-do list for the upcoming year includes a fence installation project, you might want to rethink your timeline. 

Instead of waiting for spring to get a fence, start planning early and buy a fence in the fall or winter to save money and time. We’re discussing three reasons why now is a great time to buy a fence.

1. Shorten your timeframe

By booking early in the fall or winter, when the demand is not as high, you won’t have to wait for your project to get started. Manufacturers like us, for example, can get so busy during spring and summer that some orders are likely to end up on the waiting list. Additionally, having multiple projects means teams are split up, which leads to longer wait times; during slow season, we can commit more people on our team to work on your project and get the work done faster.

Time is of essence—especially if you want a fence that falls out of the standard sizes and materials approved in your area. In such cases, getting a permit approved is typically required to ensure your project meets all area or city codes. This bureaucratic process usually takes much longer during spring, when building permit staff get busier as well. The longer you wait, the longer delivery times are for getting the fence … and the less time you have to truly enjoy your fence once it’s warm again.

2. Get a fence that perfectly fits your yard

Most people buying a fence in spring or summer have an immediate need for it, such as a privacy fence to freely enjoy their yard or a fence around the pool to keep everyone safe. In the interest of getting a fence quicker, some homeowners have to settle with a fence that isn’t what they wanted initially, since customization during summer can mean a much longer wait time.

Overall, there is such a high demand for custom work in spring and summer months, and only so many local manufacturers who can fabricate custom fences. If you love the idea of a custom design, start early to get your unique fence manufactured by springtime. Whether it’s sophisticated lattice work, a unique vinyl color, or distinctive geometric patterns, you will be in a much better position when ordering customized work in the winter. If you have a fence in mind that is unique and creates maximum curb appeal, get that fence project started now while there’s a lull.

3. Save money

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that booking during fall and winter is the best way to save money when getting a new fence. As we’ve mentioned (and is common knowledge), fencing suppliers and contractors work on a seasonal basis and get much busier in the spring and summer. To continue operations during slow months, fencing companies often offer promotions or discounts for upgraded products to keep their best workers busy in the winter months. Case in point, AVO is offering a 20% off the retail price when you place an order now for a custom-made cedar or vinyl fence to be fabricated over the winter. An added bonus for you: rather than getting a standard privacy fence, you can stretch out your budget and get a custom-made fence that perfectly meets your specific needs.

Planning a fence now gives you more time to work with our professional fence experts to determine what fence style fits you best. We’ll also work with you to help you minimize costs while still getting a top-quality, beautiful fence. Best of all? By the time sun hits your yard this coming spring, you will be fully able to enjoy your yard.

Ready to Buy a Fence Now?

Getting a new fence requires a lot of researching and planning. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! AVO supplies fence contractors, homeowners, and commercial property owners year round, no matter the season! If there is a fence project on your to-do list for the upcoming year, contact us now and get your fence planning started. You can give us a call, drop into one of our three locations, or leave your information via our online chat feature and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible. As the largest supplier of cedar lumber and the biggest Bufftech vinyl fence distributor in the area, we have a vast inventory that can meet even the most sophisticated requests.

Get in touch before the end of December and save 20% off the retail price for any customized fence order.

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