5 Benefits of Buying American Made Fence

AVO Fence & Supply is proud to offer vinyl, aluminum, and steel fencing made right in the U.S.A. All of our wood is sourced within North America and fabricated locally on-site. 

When you purchase American made fence from us, you’re not only getting a high quality product, you’re helping to protect vital jobs and resources.

Big Box competitors may offer attractive prices, but at what cost? We can help you stick to your budget and your values, supporting American workers and our economy.

Read on below to learn more about the many benefits of buying American made fence:

Protection of Jobs

When you buy American made, you are playing a much bigger role in our economy than you may realize. Buying American means that you help someone earn an honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work. Your purchase also helps to prevent jobs from moving overseas. And you aren’t just protecting that single job, but also its future (and the Americans who need it) for years to come.

Safe & Regulated Working Conditions

Cheap, foreign goods often rely on cheap, unregulated labor. Buying American made fence ensures that you’re supporting regulated and safe working conditions, honoring child labor laws and fair wage regulations.

Stricter Safety Standards

U.S. manufacturing practices carry strict safety standards, preventing high levels of lead and other toxins from being allowed in products. When you buy high-quality, American made fence, you can be reassured that you and your family are safe, thanks to the strict safety standards in place.

Better for the Environment

When it comes to manufacturing pollution, the U.S. abides by much cleaner practices that release less environmentally damaging toxins than in many other countries. The carbon footprint of your American made fence is also likely to be smaller than materials manufactured and shipped from overseas.

Our Partners in the U.S.A

We sell American made Bufftech vinyl and AmeriStar ornamental fencing for their high-quality and superior warranties. All Bufftech and AmeriStar products come with outstanding consumer protection, and both companies carry a national reputation for the highest quality residential, commercial, industrial and high-end security fences in today's marketplace.

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(Photo: A. Ricci General Contractors)

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