5  Reasons to Start Planning Your Spring Yard Project Now

New year, new yard! Although your yard may be hidden from sight beneath a blanket of snow, now is the perfect time to start planning for that spring project. 

A little advance planning will help you to make smart decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and allow you to transform your outdoor living space. Here are five reasons to start planning now:

1.You Want to Spruce Up for a Milestone Event

Hosting a wedding, graduation, or family reunion in 2018? Hardscaping elements including fence, arbors, and pergolas can create a beautiful backdrop for special events. Choose custom materials to match your house trim, deck or patio. Start planning early so you can share your vision with AVO and we can match you with the right materials or your budget and style.

Plan a beautiful backdrop for your special event! Shop AVO Fence & Supply Arbors and Pergolas. Have a design in mind? You can upload a drawing or image here.


2. You Have Big Plans for Your Garden this Year

Soil, sunlight, and water aren’t the only elements you need for a flourishing garden. Adding a strong, sturdy fence can provide critical protection from deer, rabbits, and other hungry critters. Natural and versatile cedar lumber is the perfect material for organic gardens, raised beds, beehives, and more.

Get started on your garden plans today! Browse our Fences and Gates Idea Book.


3. You Didn’t Do What You Planned to Do Last Year

Uh-oh. You were planning to replace some old or rotting fence posts but didn’t get around to it. Good news: AVO is offering deals on select in-stock inventory. Stop in to our Stoughton location to get items you’ll need for those fence repairs - then you’ll be able to get a jump on fixes as soon as there’s a break in the weather!


4. You Need to Bring Multiple Hardscaping Elements Together

Planning an outdoor living space renovation can be logistically complex. Maybe you’ve gathered lots of inspiration and images from Houzz or Pinterest, but you’re not sure how everything will come together. Start early with the expert staff at AVO and our approved contractors. We can help you make smart decisions that take into account your yard’s topography and drainage needs, as well as your personal style and budget. Step-by-step planning with professionals will help you achieve something that not only looks good, but is functional and long-lasting. Start today you’ll have that perfect “staycation” spot in place by next summer!

Contact AVO today for guidance and a list of trusted contractors in your area.


5. You Have a Tight Budget

Early planning can make it easier to keep your project on budget. By understanding your options now, you will be able to make smarter decisions during the process. Use our 3 Steps to Fence guide to help you navigate shopping, selection, and installation. Take advantage of our expert staff who can help point you to the materials that suit your needs and budget.

Plan smart and save! Get started now with our 3 Steps to Fence guide.

More than your local fence company. AVO Fence & Supply knows there is always more to learn when it comes to the latest tips,technology and professionalism in the fencing industry. We’re taking that expertise and sharing it here. Start planning your next fencing project today with AVO Fence & Supply.

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