AVO Goes the Length

Here at AVO Fence & Supply we take pride in the personal attention and care given to every order.

 Over the years this has translated into many satisfied homeowners and fence contractors who return to us time and again for their fencing projects.

But this post isn’t simply about us getting it right. It’s important for our customers to know what happens when things go wrong too. And on the Friday before Labor Day weekend this year, things on one order went wrong indeed…

Story of a Fairhaven Fence

The story began when a homeowner arrived at our shop in early August. He’d hired a fence contractor to build a fence on his property in Fairhaven, but wanted to stop by with his nail gun to make sure the nails he bought at our shop would fit. He expressed interest in buying a particular type of board he saw in the shop, which AVO provided him with an initial quote for.

Three weeks later the homeowner called in to order his “pickets” and delivery was scheduled for that Friday morning. Since the homeowner had not hired any additional help, AVO sent a 2-man crew to drop-off and unload the pickets.

Return to Sender

When the AVO truck arrived in Fairhaven and our staff started unloading the pickets, the homeowner quickly realized that a mistake had been made. The boards that he thought he’d ordered (flat on both sides, wider) were nowhere in sight. The crew was unloading the “pickets” he’d requested over the phone (molded curve on one side, narrower).

The AVO crew promptly loaded the truck back up and returned to Stoughton. Luckily, the correct boards were located and in stock. AVO’s owner, Andrew Knott, personally drove the delivery truck back to Fairhaven that afternoon, completing the delivery just before 5pm on the Friday before Labor Day weekend.

The AVO Promise

Other companies might have blamed the homeowner for the mistake and refused to redeliver until after the holiday. But AVO’s business model isn’t built on knocking off early or cutting corners. We simply work to get it right. And in this case, the Fairhaven homeowner got his fence and we all got to enjoy the long holiday weekend.

A Note About Boards vs. Pickets:

Many people commonly identify any pointed board as a picket, but both boards and pickets can feature pointed, rounded, or flat tops and be used for spaced or privacy fence projects. The primary differences to highlight are width (boards are generally wider than pickets) and shape (wood pickets are partially curved on one side, boards are always flat).

To read more about boards and pickets check out our blog post: “Ask a Fence Contractor: Boards vs. Pickets”.

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