Top Reasons for a Fence

Safety, security, style….there are many reasons for installing a fence. Knowing your specific end-goal will help you to better plan and execute your project. 

Whether you are a homeowner trying to communicate your fencing needs or a contractor helping clients explore fencing options, you can benefit from being familiar with the top reasons people choose to install fence.


Safety is one of the most popular reasons for fence. Young children and pets can be kept close and provided boundaries that prevent them from running off, injuring themselves, or getting lost. Pools are also required by law to have fencing; self-closing devices create a secure perimeter and can also provide privacy.


A fence creates a physical and visual barrier that can help prevent strangers from easily entering a property. Whether it’s teens taking a shortcut through the yard or a deer looking for dinner from a garden, a fence is a great way to ward off uninvited guests.


A fence can provide privacy, along with peace of mind-- letting residents relax and enjoy their outdoor space without fear of eavesdropping or spying eyes. Planting trees or shrubs along the fence is a great way to get additional privacy.

Neighbor Boundaries

A fence draws a clear boundary between property lines, letting neighbors know where their own yard habits need to stop. In some cases, fence can be used to curb trespassing weeds or other plant life growing over from the neighboring yard.


Buffer for Unwanted Noise

For people who live near schools, concert venues, restaurants, or have neighbors who love to party, a fence is an important buffer. Wood and foam-filled aluminum fence are good materials for those who site noise as a primary concern.

Shield for Unattractive Sights

Sometimes a homeowner just doesn’t want to see the empty lot, overflowing dumpster, or neighbor’s odd sculpture garden every day. Concealing these unattractive sights from the property can be accomplished by installing a tall, opaque fence such as a vinyl privacy fence.



Fence is a popular choice for extra security when it comes to off-season storage. Products like double drive gates (10’ opening with 2 5’ leafs) and removable panels (slats in the fence that can be lifted up and out) make it easy to get a boat or truck in and out of your yard.


Not every fence acts as a shield or barrier; some simply look lovely. Even if your fence was chosen for purely utilitarian reasons, there are many ways to customize the style and look. Picture a lattice backdrop for a garden, or a large fence draped in vines beside the patio. Fences create a strong first impression.

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