Can You Install a Fence in Winter?

Can you install fence in the winter? The short answer is yes! If you want to beat the crowd, prepare for winter weather, and maintain your privacy, winter can be the perfect time for your fence installation project.

 Many professional fence installers work through the winter and own specialized equipment they can use to dig below the frost line and securely set your fence posts. AVO’s Stoughton location is also open Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm throughout the winter to serve all of your fencing needs. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of installing fence in winter.

Special Considerations for Winter Conditions

Mild and dry conditions are ideal for winter fence install, but if that’s not on the menu, we recommend hiring a professional fence installer who has the specialized equipment needed to dig below the frost line, including a jack hammer. A jack hammer can dig the 4″ – 8″ needed to reach the unfrozen soil beneath the frost.

If you’d like to know how severe the frost conditions are yourself, simply stick a long stake into the ground. Observe how deeply you can get the stake into the ground. If you can’t get it into the ground at all, you may want to wait for some milder temperatures.

Benefits of Installing Fence in Winter

In addition to having much less competition for fence installation services and the full attention of your fence contractor, there can be many benefits to using the “off-season” as your prime installation time.

  • Ensure Year-Round Privacy: Most backyards start looking a little bare in the winter months. Trees and shrubs lose their leaves, leaving you feeling more exposed. A privacy fence will keep you secluded while your greenery lays dormant.
  • Maintain Security & Safety: Heading into winter with a cracked or rotting fence? Installing a new fence during the winter will help you maintain security and safety in your backyard. A new fence will also hold up better against the cold, snow, and sleet.
  • Create Less Interference: Once spring and summer hit, you and your family will want to relax and enjoy your backyard to the fullest. Fence installation during the warmer months can often interfere with these plans. When you install a fence in the winter, you get to cozy up by the fire and not worry about the installation getting in your way.

Ready to install your beautiful border this winter? Contact AVO today or visit us in Stoughton for expert tips, advice, and a list of approved contractors.

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