Choosing a Style of Fence

Homeowners may not always know exactly what style of fence will work for their property, so it's often up to the fence professional to provide some guidance. 

When selecting a fence, they need only ask themselves a few simple questions to narrow their search:

What is the fence for?

Is it for safety?

For example, enclosing a pool or keeping children and pets safe from a busy street.

Is it for decoration?

For example, to compliment a beautiful landscape or perhaps formalize an entrance to a garden or walkway.

Or is it simply for privacy?

For example, to create a space visually screened and is all your own.

What is your budget?

Budget is often a concern of most customers. Homeowners are quite often surprised to learn that they may be able to meet their fencing needs without spending huge amounts of money.

Straight talk about pricing

AVO takes pride in our ability to offer a quality product for almost any budget. However, certain styles of fencing are inherently more expensive due to either the materials used or the manor of construction.

Many of the products that we offer are built using western red cedar and these materials are more costly than northern white cedar alternatives. When selecting a privacy fence, bear in mind fences with decorative tops such as lattice or chestnut hill are more expensive than solid one piece fences.

Additionally, many of the styles that we offer are available in multiple grades. Differences in grades do not affect life expectancy, they are primarily aesthetic in nature and offer significant savings. These fences are still high in quality and vastly superior to the industry standard as found at home centers and other retailers.

If you need more advice on guiding homeowners to the right fencing choice, please contact us today.

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