How to Fasten Rails to Posts

Bufftech is our go-to choice for durable, high-quality vinyl fence. Bufftech vinyl fence systems make professional fence assembly easy with their precision-routed rails for safe and secure attachment. 

Read on to learn how to fasten rails to posts.

Bufftech vinyl fence offers 4 ways to fasten rails to posts. The fence style will dictate which method is used:

  • Bullet clip: the bullet clip is a gravity clip that is used to fasten Bel Air and Wilshire style rails to posts.
  • Screws: when using bullet clips, the top rail must be fastened with an 8 ¾” stainless steel screw.
  • Lock Ring: the lock rings is a circular-shaped fastener with tabs that insert into Post & Rail and Arlington style rails for fastening rails to posts.
  • Crimp Lock: the crimp lock is a method for fastening rails inside of posts. The rail is manufactured with notches (crimped) so that it stays within the post once inserted.

Watch the Bufftech video below to see each method in action!


(Featured image: A. Ricci General Contractors)

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