AVO Custom Fence & Gates in 3 Steps

AVO doesn’t do one-size-fits-all fence. We manufacture our wood fence on-site. 

We’ve been in the fence industry for more than 40 years, and our ability to custom tailor fence and gates is what truly makes us stand out. Whether you are looking for pool fencing, sustainable wood fencing, vinyl fencing or more, consider us the local experts for all of your fencing needs. Get a custom fence that truly “fits” with AVO!

We Get You a Quote Quickly

Our website was designed to make it easy to submit a “Request for Quote” (RFQ) online. Browse sample projects online or visit any of our 3 locations in Stoughton, Hingham, or Plymouth to view fence styles and materials in person. Whether you are starting from a photo, sketch, or rotting fence, we offer 4 easy steps to quickly obtain a quote.

We Custom Tailor Fence

When you shop at big box stores you are going to get fence panels that come in pre-measured sizes and employees that are not trained or equipped to modify the product for your particular needs. AVO Fence & Supply customizes fence to your specifications, allowing for symmetrical design that will make a good looking fence. This is especially important for tight, urban spaces that allow little room for error.

We Make Gates that Truly Fit

Gates are tricky. Even when you start with accurate measurements you can sometimes end up with an opening that doesn’t align or offer the best fit for your gate.This can lead to a gate that doesn’t swing or close properly. With AVO you don’t have to worry -- we’ll always “make the gate fit”, measuring the gate to whatever opening you end up with when you finish your project. Unlike big box stores, we also offer gates in many materials, including wood and vinyl.

More than your local fence company. AVO Fence & Supply knows there is always more to learn when it comes to the latest tips,technology and professionalism in the fencing industry. We’re taking that expertise and sharing it here, to help you grow your fencing business. Start planning your next fencing project today at AVO Fence & Supply.


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