Problem Solving with Fences & Gates

Fences and gates aren't just suitable for perfectly proportioned yards and gardens. They offer a number of solutions to problems that are more common than you might think!

1. The Small Yard

Solution: Create a focal point

Want to make the most of your small yard or patio space? Start with a beautiful cedar gate positioned  next to your home or framed by bushes to create a nice focal point. While a gate technically acts as a barrier to protect your yard and garden, it can also be welcoming and beckon guests inside.

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2. Unsightly Utilities

Solution: Screen with a fence

Do you have a utility pole, air conditioning unit or other fixtures that are eyesores on your property? While these things improve our quality of life, they certainly don't improve the view. Screening these elements with a fence panel or two can make a world of difference. Add height and ventilation with a lattice panel or topper.

TIP: Most utility companies have an "easement" on land in which their poles and hardware exist, the details of which can usually be found on the deed to your land. Before planning your project, make sure that your fence screen placement is legal and will not block linemen access.

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3. Landscaping Challenges

Solution: Custom designed fenc

Do you consider your yard too ‘unruly’ for fence or other hardscaping? Sloped or hilly yards often result in the most interesting backyard landscaping you’ll see! Custom transition panels allow seamless transitions in height, radius panels manage curves with ease, and a stepped style can be manufactured to naturally complement most grades.

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4. Close Proximity to Highways and Roads

Solution: Privacy fence

Is the traffic noise a little more than you bargained for? A carefully planned privacy fence can lessen both the threat and the noise from a nearby road or highway. Vinyl fences are particularly good at keeping noise out and children and animals in

TIP: While we wouldn’t recommend putting a fence TOO near a road, one that has been adequately spaced back can be a great boon to your tranquility and your safety. We suggest having your land surveyed before putting your fence in.

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5. Wildlife

Solution: A fence to keep critters out

A well placed and maintained fence can help to keep deer, rabbits, moles, and other pesky visitors at bay. If the issue is with larger animals, a wood, welded wire, or chain link fence may do the job. For smaller species a solid vinyl fence is perfect for filling in “squeeze-through” spots.

TIP: It’s most helpful to identify who your unwanted intruders are first, so you can plan the most efficient barrier.

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