Green Industry Stories: A. Ricci General Contractors

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From Excavation to Fence Installation

Tony Ricci’s been in the business for 35 years. He started out in excavation, but when the recession hit, jobs were harder to come by. He turned to fence installation, and found that he preferred building up over digging down. Fence installation was cleaner, neater work, offering new challenges and an unexpected silver lining to the recession. He hasn’t looked back since. Located in Holbrook, MA, Tony and his team at A. Ricci General Contractors work on fence installation and landscaping throughout the 128 corridor, South Shore, and Cape Cod.

Quality Fence Installation From Those Who Know How

Tony has been on the repair end of enough fence installation “shortcuts” to know that quick techniques rarely get the job right. If a fence is not set and cut properly on the line, it can warp, crack and need to be replaced sooner than later. Tony and his team offer a breadth of knowledge about fence styles and materials, paying careful attention to landscape and grading. They often customize on the job, cutting fence posts on-site.

Good Fences: Collaborating with AVO

A. Ricci General Contractors has been an approved fence contractor with AVO for the last decade. In exchange for AVO’s customer referrals and high quality, customizable materials, Tony and his team provide expert professional service and fence installation. Tony knows he can depend on AVO’s knowledgeable staff and 3 convenient locations to help his crew get from the shop yard to the backyard more quickly.

Know Your Fence

In addition to his commitment to using high quality materials, Tony brings technical expertise, and a fully insured team to each job. As fencing styles and materials continue to multiply, it is important for installers to know their fence. His advice to those looking to break into the fence biz? “It’s not as easy as you might think. Take the time learn and understand how each type of fence will react and change in its environment.”

Although Tony is fan of wood’s classic look, he has seen a recent surge in the popularity of vinyl fencing. Customers appreciate vinyl’s low-maintenance properties, and technology has come a long way in making vinyl more dynamic and visually appealing. Although Lexington White Vinyl fencing by Bufftech is his current top seller, Tony notes that vinyl is appearing in more and more colors, giving homeowners the ability to match their fence and trim.

See more of Tony’s fence work on Facebook.

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