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Moodscapes personal landscapingA Personal Landscaping Business is Born

Judith Lipson-Rubin wanted to pursue work that would help others. After a sudden tragedy left her the single-parent of a 3 year-old child, she left her VP corporate sales position motivated only by this single desire. Combining her interest in mental health and the skills she’d honed landscaping in her own backyard, Judith returned to school to study Landscape Architecture and healing gardens. In 1997 she launched “Moodscapes”, a personal landscaping company based in Arlington, MA.



Moodscapes personal landscapingDesigning Outdoor Spaces and Garden Oases

Initially, Moodscapes focused only on backyard landscape design and installation. As they shifted towards more ecologically sound practices, longer-term garden maintenance and ongoing customer relationships became the norm. By educating customers about sustainable, non-invasive plants, organic lawn care, and backyard biodiversity, Moodscapes built a reputation for personal backyard beauty with a global conscience.

Today, Judith enjoys introducing customers to native beauties like dogwood and edible, berry-producing plants. While the investment in a carefully planned backyard isn’t cheap, she knows she’s done her job when customers tell her that they’d rather bask in their own backyard than get out of town.


Moodscapes personal landscapingBetter Fences & Gardens

Moodscapes' landscapers knows that arbors, pergolas, and fences can elegantly frame a backyard garden oasis. Judith and her team have worked closely with AVO Fence & Supply on several projects to deliver high-quality materials and design to Moodscapes clients. When it comes to personal attention and customization, Judith tells AVO Fence & Supply that our staff and products are the best she's found in the area.




Moodscapes personal landscapingWorking Together in the Green Industry

Judith’s advice for those looking to grow in the Green industry? “Build a strong local network, get to know contractors, landscapers, manufacturers...your network will net you clients as you continue to build your reputation.” She encourages general contractors and those in the building trades to design from the outside in, proactively guiding homeowners to think about how they want to interact with their exterior landscape before the house is finished.

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