The High Price of Low-Cost Fencing

The Convenience Myth

Big box home-improvement stores are often seen by consumers as the most convenient option for low-cost fence materials and supplies.

And we understand the attraction: big box stores aggressively market their deals and low prices, while boasting about the convenience of finding everything you need (and more) in one place. But behind the pre-assembled packages and off-the-shelf inventory lies something they’d prefer not to advertise: the high price consumers ultimately end up paying for their low-cost fencing -- in future repairs, upkeep, and replacement.

Thinking Outside of the (Big) Box

When it comes to shopping for fence, you pay for what you get. When you work with a company like AVO that specializes in manufacturing fence materials, it may mean paying a little more up front. But the long-term savings add up quickly when you take the following into account:

  • Lower quality product
  • May be rejected stock from other suppliers because of inferior quality
  • Large amounts, but limited choice for grades and thickness
  • High-quality, responsibly-sourced materials
  • Sustainable cedar for eco-friendly backyards
  • Offer numerous grades, thicknesses (lumber) to help you mix and match for your budget
  • Lower quality product means that the fence will need repair or replacement sooner
  • Will lose attractiveness more quickly than higher quality product
  • All Bufftech vinyl products come with a lifetime warranty
  • High-quality cedar lumber will outlast other wood; weathers naturally
  • Prefabricated materials offer less choice
  • Staff are often ‘generalists’ and will not be able to offer additional education/guidance
  • Will customize any product for your project
  • All staff are ready and willing to be your go-to fence consultant
  • Short-term costs: sometimes discounted or “match pricing”
  • Long-term costs: Will likely need to be repaired or replaced within 5 years
  • Short-term costs: You’re buying direct from the manufacturer so you will save money
  • Long-term costs: Can last 20+ years

AVO Can Help You Save Money Without Cutting Corners

Don’t get stuck in the convenience myth! AVO will help you think outside the big box, helping you save money on your fence without cutting corners. No one should get stuck with an eyesore of a fence that they can’t afford to repair or replace because they only bought it just a few years earlier.

Our expert staff can help you to select the best fence material and style for your needs and budget. We know where it’s smart to cut corners (for example: using a lower grade wood in the less visible areas of your fence) and where cutting corners won’t save you one bit. Put our 150 years of experience to work for you today!

Contact us today to discover the materials and style that suit your budget.

More than your local fence company, AVO Fence & Supply knows there is always more to learn when it comes to the latest tips,technology and professionalism in the fencing industry. We’re taking that expertise and sharing it here. Start planning your next fencing project today with AVO Fence & Supply.


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